Choose the LOCATION - not just the date!

Everyone is on their way - be it from home to work, to go shopping or to just visit friends. Usually you have to do certain things at these locations, but do you always remember that? You could create a reminder in your mobile phone, which reminds you to buy milk. But very rarely you are at the mall at this specific date.

Choose the location - not just the date!

Georeme solves this problem. Instead of choosing a date for a reminder, you can choose its location! Georeme does recognize whenever you're at this specific location and reminds you at the best point in time - at the right location!


  • Save your favorite locations
  • Add reminders for your locations
  • NEW Get reminded when you leave your location!
  • Activate/deactivate reminders
  • Add a start date for a reminder
  • Add a due date for a reminder
  • Choose a specific radius for each location
  • Set a "do not disturb" nightly window!
  • Choose certain days to be reminded